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Just Arrived
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I wanted to give you an update on operations here at Guardian Angel Basset Rescue. If you’ve been a
partner with GABR for a while, you know that we believe fund raising is essential to help the Bassets that
you care so much about.

Because of BFF, we can continue the work we’ve done for 25 years. But in these uncertain times, I expect
that we will see an increase in Bassets that need to be surrendered. So I’m reaching out to you today
because I know you’ll want us to be there for them!        

For example, we recently rescued Ellie & Scout, a brother and sister aged 14. They came
to us from Indianapolis where their owner, who was homeless, had not had them vetted in
8 years. Their teeth were in horrible shape and they had many other problems.
Unfortunately, Ellie lost her fight before all the surgery that was required but Scout is
doing fine.

We’ve always taken in seniors like these, but now they are coming more often. That takes
more funds for their treatment.

Would you like to help us?

As you know, our Basset Ball had to be cancelled this year. That event brings in major revenue for us,
especially through our “Gifts From The Heart”. That’s why we’re planning to run an online event within the
next few weeks, probably on April 25th. One of things we’ll be doing is asking you to participate in direct
giving for “Gifts From The Heart”.

This year, those funds will be earmarked for the substantial number of senior Bassets we are receiving.

Consider making a pledge during our online event for the funds we need to guarantee that we continue to
take dogs like Scout.

Our goal for the event will be a minimum of $50,000. I realize that our challenge to you will be large but I’m
confident you’ll be able to help.

As soon as we announce the date, make a note on your calendar to “Virtually Attend” our live event.

Please consider becoming a BFF Member and If you are already a BFF member here are two other things
you can do. (1) You can increase your monthly donation to BFF. Simply
CLICK HERE to let us know. We’ll
take care of it right away.

(2) Or, you can agree to change your preferred donation to have your donation come directly from your
checking account. That will reduce our fees by over 75% - that’s a BIG DEAL!

Just let us know your preference. I look forward to seeing how you want to help us be ready for more
Bassets like Scout.

And just let me know if there's anything I can do to help in any way. My cell phone number is 815-228-5835.
Don’t hesitate to call.

Remember – “Let’s make the rest of their Lives, the best of their Lives!”

Larry Little, President
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue, Inc.
A letter from GABR President, Larry Little